Visionary Art * Oil on Canvas

"I believe that color heals. When we go through traumatic experiences, we get smaller,
we start seeing life in black and white, we forget who we are.
I hope my art reminds people who they already are,
multicolored, multidimensional, multilevel spiritual beings who,
yearn deeply to love and be loved."
- Diana Soline

Goddess, 2008

Apple, 2006

Namaste, 2014

Lost Love, 2008

Starry Night in Paris, 2009-2012

Alchemy, 2007-2011

Loss Of Innocence, 2007

Communication, 2009

Yin Mandala, 2009

Sacred Feminine, 2005

"The truth is, we can only make our paintings speak." - Vincent Van Gogh


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