Visionary Art * Oil on Canvas

"Painting as it is now promises to be more subtle-
more like music and less like sculpture - and above all it promises color.
If only it keeps this promise!"
- Vincent Van Gogh

"I believe that color heals...
When we go through traumatic experiences in our lives, we get smaller,
we start seeing things in black and white, we forget who we are.
I hope my art reminds people who they already are,
multicolored, multidimensional, multilevel spiritual beings who yearn deeply,
to love and be loved."
- Diana Soline

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Goddess, 2008

Apple, 2006

Namaste, 2014

Lost Love, 2008

Starry Night in Paris, 2009-2012

Alchemy, 2007-2011

Loss Of Innocence, 2007

Communication, 2009

Yin Mandala, 2009

Sacred Feminine, 2005

"The truth is, we can only make our paintings speak." - Vincent Van Gogh

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